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Cargo survey

Container, bulk, liquids, chemicals,... all types of cargo are subject to external elements that can cause change in quality or quantity...


We inspect that quality and quantity of your cargo at arrival, pre-shipment, before departure, during loading and unloading,... really at all stages of transport.

We sample and analyse your cargo when requested to saveguard the relation between all stakeholders.

We are your eyes and ears on site.

Break bulk, project cargo, steel, forest products, cars, machines,...

Dry-van’s, tank containers, flats, reefers, special equipement,...

Crude oil, petrochemicals, liquefied gases and all types of liquid cargo. 

Ors and raw material​, building material, coal, fertilizers, biomass, agribulk,..

Any large, heavy, high value or critical piece of equipment. From factory untill receiver.

Agri product, vegetable oils and fats, molasses, liquid fertilizers.

Related to our cargo survey assignments, we offer a wide range of related services.


Wherever you want us to survey.


Our offices are in a 5 mile radius of the port of Antwerp and the Netherlands. But we fly and drive all over the world to make sure your cargo is surveyed by the best.


By carrying out a cargo survey, you wipe out the chance of discussion whatsoever when shortages or abnormal quality levels appear. It also covers the current requirements of cargo stakeholders as insurance, financial companies...

You will have a report in hand that states and confirms what, how much and in what conditions the cargo was when you loaded it on the ship, started the transport, received the goods…


A cargo survey gives certainty and security for our clients.

Would you like to talk to one of our surveyors for an assignment? 
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