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A fast response time, a hardened surveyor and a thorough survey are critical for each expertise. Our 24/7 availability and over 20 years’ experience make it happen. All our surveyors are continuously aware of the current applicable law. 


For both cargo and ship damage surveys, you can count on us.

During these surveys, we analyze the cause and the amount of damage, collect all relevant information. In addition, we take all actions needed to protect your intrestsand avoid unnecessary costs.

We have a seperate department for yacht expertises:

Dry-dock inspection, engine testing, inspection, class inspection, …

General cargo, bulk, fertilizers, liquids including petrochemical and chemical liquids, food, …

Sea going vessels in general, inland navigation vessels, yachts, workboats and tugs, dredging vessels, fishing, boats and trawlers, passenger vessels, boats for general accomodations, ….

Environmental damage due to polution or oil spills, damage on cargo during carriage or  damage related to war situations.



General claims involving property damage during operations.

Damage to the cargo in the process of loading, transporting or unloading of the goods. 

Product malfunction, implied warranty or negligent design surveys.

INS has the in-house knowledge to support a wide range of insurance surveys. If none of the previous cases apply, please contact us. We are sure we can assist you.

General liability insurance 

Product liability

Court surveyor, mediator and more




Our offices are located in a 5-mile radius from the port of Antwerp and the Netherlands.  However, any place in world is within our scope. Just ask and we are on our way.

Who can contact us?

Both insurance companies and ship-owners can count on our services. For every client, we deliver a professional, fast and relevant report and serve your needs the best we can.

Who pays?

In case of damage, our services are most often included in the civil liability insurance or legal counsel insurance.

Ask your insurancy agency about it.  

Would you like to talk to one of our surveyors for an assignment? 
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