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Marine & technical inspection

Before you buy, sell or charter a vessel, barge, pontoon or yacht, make sure a technical inspection is done. It provides you with all the necessary information on the condition, value and potential defects of the craft.


Our independent technical inspection report will avoid discussion afterwards.

Whether you buy, charter or sell a ship, let an independent surveyor inspect the vessel. It will give you a fair valuation and avoids disappointment or claims afterwards.


Also ship repairs are surveyed by our team. 

Taxation and valuation

The value of a vessel is influenced by many factors. Let professionals make a valuation or taxation. The delivered report will back you up in claims and discussions.

On/off hire/bunker

When a vessel, pontoon, yacht or technical equipment is chartered, a technical inspection defines the state for every party involved. Also the delivery of bunkers are surveyed to make sure you get what you pay.

A systematic and independent examination of the processes, operations or services on the ship, cargo, terminal,... based on the assignment given by our principals.

Ultrasonic thickness and tightness  measurments, tests of engines and machinery, thermographic research, a safety inspection, inspection on coating and paints,....

These are just a few of the other technical inspections we do. 

Ship inspection




A marine or technical inspection gives you the necessary reports and information to protect yourself in case of future claims or discussions.

It avoids serious disappointments and money loss in case of bad repairs or a bad purchase.

In short, it gives you certainty and a peace of mind.


Wherever you want us to do a technical inspection.


Our offices are in a 5 mile radius of the port of Antwerp and the Netherlands. But we fly and drive all over the world to ensure the best possible marine & technical inspection.

Would you like to talk to one of our surveyors for an assignment? 
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