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Your eyes and ears on site. 

We registrate or actively participate in the on-going transfer of goods. What follows is a high-quality report at the agreed time.

We are your reliable partner wherever your products are or go to.



Salvage reconditioning

Transhipments, maintenance, repairs, ... when you need a person on site to see and report what is happening, you can count on us.

There are many types of audit done by our team: audits on board or on shore, safety and rules audits, acceptance by charter, overall procedures, certifications,...

Reduce or avoid claim costs, that is our target. 

Under our supervision, we organize a salvage sale or supervise the reconditioning of the cargo.

You have another assignment not fitting in the previous descriptions? 

No problem, we can do a lot more than mentioned.

Please contact us on your specific case. 

Mediator and others




Our offices are located in a 5-mile radius from the port of Antwerp and the Netherlands.


However, any harbor or yard is within our scope. Just ask and we are on our way.

Who can contact us?

Shipowners, traders, agencies,...If you need a superintendent, you can count on our services.

For every client, we deliver a professional, fast and relevant report and serve your needs the best we can.

Would you like to talk to one of our surveyors for an assignment? 
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