Frequent Asked Questions

When and where is pre-shipment inspection required?

When you buy, sell or trade any type of cargo or commodity, a surveyor can state the condition and documents of this goods. This can be done at the factory, warehouse or port. Sometimes these inspections are required by import or export rules, financial institutions (letter of credit) or by your insurance company and policy. A pre-shipment inspection avoids claims and determines the condition of the goods.

How fast can INS be at the place of survey?

As fast as possible, always. The most important factor is the location of the survey. We go around the globe for your survey. The faster we are contacted, the faster we can act. Note that for certain countries visa requierements are applicable. The time to obtain the necesarry documents are not in our hands. Countries for which you have to take this into account are China, India and Russia. For most European Countries, Canada and the US, this is not so much an issue. INS has a network of surveyor worldwide who can be very quickly on location.

What kind of certifications has INS?

INS has several certifications: - VRT valuator - Nautibel expert - EMCI registered Marine surveyor - EMCI registered Yacht surveyor - EMCI buy taxation - EMCI Maritime Mediator - International ADR certified Mediator - Hiswa qualified yacht surveyor - Hiswa - ISO 10239 certified gas inspector - VCA certification - Thermographic inspector

How to select a surveyor?

Step 1: check his/her experience in the requiered domain. Step 2: ask for references. Step 3: check how many question a surveyor asks about the project. If there are not many questions, the survey will go wrong. He/she needs to know what it is all about. Details matter. Step 4: a true surveyor needs some time to do the necessary investigation. Very fast work will often be half work. Efficiency is key. Step 5: check the offer that is made. If the prices are very low, you might expect to get what you have paid for...

Why should I invest in a surveyor?

There are many reasons why you should invest in a surveyor. - To make sure the requested amounts and quality of goods in delivered. - To fullfill the requierements of insurance companies, authoroties and other stakeholders involved. - To protect yourself from future claims and keep a good client relationship. A surveyor is the only independent actor in the proces of transport with no direct commercial interest in the goods.

Can INS assit in the movement of expensive art?

Yes we can! We even supervised the transport of a picasso's in the past! What is important is that we are involved in such a project as soon as possible. This to make sure all measurements are taken for a save and smooth transport. So if you have a challenging assigments, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to take the job.

Can a survey avoid claims?

Yes it can! A survey describes all stages of transport, the condition of the goods on arrival, on departure, ... It makes sure that everything is on paper so no discussion are possible afterwards. A surveyor will act when requested actions are not fullfilled.