Maritime & technical inspection

Before buying a vessel, sloop, barge or yacht, it is best to have a technical inspection carried out. It ensures that you have all the essential information on condition, value and possible defects.   Our independent technical expert report will avoid post-purchase discussions. Technical inspection Valuation and valuation On/off hire/bunker Audit Others Technical inspection An […]

Cargo survey

Container, bulk, liquids, chemicals,… all types of cargo can be subject to external elements that can have an impact on their quality and quantity… We check the quality and quantity of your cargo during loading, unloading, transfer. Really during every stage of the transport, we take samples and analyse your goods if necessary. We are […]


Fast response time, an experienced surveyor and thorough, independent expertise are key to a successful survey assignment. Our 24/7 service and more than 20 years of experience in the business ensure that you are in good hands. Our surveyors are continuously trained and up to date with the latest legislation in order to provide you […]


Superintendent on site has a multitude of duties, the main ones being ensuring that the actions of the parties involved are done correctly and safely. We are your eyes and ears on site! An auditor goes over a checklist, usually agreed in advance, and independently reviews it for parties. Supervision Tow survey​ Audit Salvage reconditioning​ […]