It is important that a surveyor is experienced in the specific survey assignment. A good surveyor is 100% independent, knowledgeable and can deal with the various parties. Not only the technical findings are important. Handling and guiding our client are also key issues for us.

Feel free to ask for references before appointing a surveyor. It is not a protected profession but quality surveyors are affiliated with organisations and meet strict conditions.

Clients often contact us when there is already a dispute. Naturally, we handle your case to the best of our ability. Preventive inspections make it possible to avoid disputes and claims. 

The golden rule is the sooner the better, some examples:

Determined condition of your object/ship for hire so that it is fixed. 
Checking for correct stowage and welding of goods before departure.
Checking the suitability of a means of transport or storage space for certain goods
Appointing a superintendent to ensure the safe conduct of operations and fulfilment of contractual agreements. 

Thousands of surveys are conducted worldwide.  Much of this is precisely to avoid problems and claims, thus safeguarding the interests of clients. 
If condition, quality and quantity are determined at certain points in time, such as transfer of ownership and responsibility is fixed vis-à-vis third parties. 

Some examples are : 

The value and condition of a vessel or yacht at a sale. 
Supervision of the unloading of goods by seller, shipper, shipping company, insurance etc.
Monitoring correct loading and transportation according to the order. 
Analysis of goods at the time of transfer of ownership.
Audit of a contract party to check its ability to meet its obligations.

As soon as we receive a final order, we make every effort to be on the spot quickly, looking after your interests. We have offices in Belgium and the Netherlands and a worldwide network. Contact us via the contact page. Depending on the assignment, we use this network or go on site.

You contact us via phone mail or contact form. We will let you know if we can do this job for you. If yes, you make sure we receive the necessary information. If applicable, we contact the parties involved and make an appointment. We will keep you informed of the progress; you can also follow the expertise if you wish. Afterwards, a detailed assessment report is drawn up. A case is followed up by a fixed contact person who is familiar with your case.

INS holds several certificates:

– VRT appraiser 

– Sworn in by the Companies Court

– Nautibel expert

– EMCI registered Marine surveyor

– EMCI registered Yacht surveyor

– EMCI purchase surveyor

– EMCI Maritime Mediator

– International ADR certified Mediator

– Hiswa qualified yacht surveyor

– Hiswa – ISO 10239 certified gas inspector

– VCA certification

– Thermographic inspector

There are several possibilities. For example, for a specific assignment we can offer a fixed price “All-in”.
For other assignments, the time and effort cannot be determined exactly in advance in which case we will make you an offer based on a price per unit of time and an estimate of any additional costs. 

We aim to have a clear and transparent price agreement with our clients. Be sure to contact us for quotation.

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